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Herbal Medicine and Herbs - Herbalist Sydney

Herbal Medicine, sometimes referred to as alternative herbal medicine, is powerful application of plant matter,herbs,  in the form of dried leaf, flower or root or as herbal extracts in liquid, powder or tablet form.The Western herbalist or Chinese herbalist tasks include thorough analysis of the individual and takes into consideration environmental, nutritional and emotional factors.

Herbalist Sydney on Chinese Herb

Millions of years of traditional herbal medicine speak for themselves.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 80% of the world’s population uses Herbal Medicine as their primary form of treatment and therefore supports its use.

The Herbalist's philosophy is that humans, like plants, are biologically complex. This means that to achieve a long lasting medicinal benefit with few or no side effects, a plant with its complex active principles will be utilized by the body more easily than a single isolated drug.

Although Herbal Medicine is the oldest system of medicine, it also has a valid scientific basis for its effectiveness. Herbal Medicine acknowledges and seeks to understand the active chemistry of the plant, however the basic philosophy of Herbal Medicine is that these plant chemicals should be used in their crude, most natural form.

There is an enormous body of modern scientific data on medicinal plants to support the use of Herbal Medicine as an effective medicine, either as an alternative or to complement pharmaceutical drugs. The Chinese people have been documenting the various chinese herbs, by observation and study of their mode of actions and effects have built up a hugechinese herb pharmacopoeia that can be relied upon.

“Modern” medicine derives its active chemicals from herbs and modern medicine has obtained many of its drugs from the plant world. The active chemical in a plant is isolated and refined to yield a drug, which is then administered. An example of this is Aspirin, which was originally isolated and refined from the white willow (Salix species).

This may seem fine to the lay person who can obtain the drug in an easy to administer form.  However many of the modern drugs cause unwanted and unpleasant side effects.

The opposite is true of herbs.  It has been shown that when properly prepared, an herbal remedy includes the necessary elements that counter the side effects that can occur when the isolated component is used.

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